Plug the Leaks
In Revenue Cycle Management

Even When the Systems
Don’t Communicate

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Revenue Cycle Management for Physicians.

Find the Leaks in Two Weeks
4 Steps to Clarity

Within two weeks you can have clarity on the source of your revenue leaks and an action plan to plug them.

We offer a 4-step action plan to give you the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

Step 1: Identify Current Revenue Leaks

Identify what is breaking and causing the revenue leaks. Understand if it is a human issue or a software issue. If it’s a software issue, identify the most probable root cause.

Step 2: Identify Potential Future Revenue Leaks

Survey the current system. Identify potential vulnerabilities and issues that may start leaking next.

Step 3: Prioritize Changes Based on Financial Impact

Jointly prioritize the list of current issues and potential issues. Identify the cost of fixing those as well as the financial impact on the business. Prioritize each item based on the impact on the business.

Step 4: Resolution Execution Plan

Create three execution plans based on business priorities. These execution plans will include costs and timelines. They will also estimate the likely downtime associated with implementing these changes.

Once you have this execution plan, you’ve got three options:

  1. Take the execution plan and execute it yourself.
  2. Take the execution plan and have someone else execute it for you.
  3. If we mutually agree, we’ll help you execute and plug your revenue leaks.

Proven Track Record

Our teams have served some of the biggest brands in the world.

They can bring the same talent to tackle your challenges.

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