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At MAVA Partners, we simplify your operations by leveraging AWS Cloud-Managed services! Focus on your core business while our experts manage your AWS infrastructure.


In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly seeking ways to innovate, optimize operations, and stay competitive. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has emerged as a game-changer, offering a wide array of cloud computing solutions that can drive growth and efficiency across various industries. However, navigating the vast AWS ecosystem and harnessing its full potential can be daunting. This is where MAVA Partners comes into play, offering an expertly crafted suite of AWS cloud consulting services designed to help organizations of all sizes achieve their cloud goals.

Why MAVA Partners?

At MAVA Partners, we are your trusted AWS experts, and here's why you should choose us

Unparalleled Expertise and Experience

Our AWS-certified experts deeply understand AWS services and excel in cloud technology intricacies. We customize solutions for your unique business goals through a consultative approach, ensuring total alignment with your needs, be it AWS migration, infrastructure optimization, or pioneering app development.

Tailored Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Our AWS-certified experts excel in customizing solutions for businesses. With a consultative approach, they deeply understand your unique needs to tailor AWS services for direct alignment with your goals, be it migration, optimization, or application development.

Proven Excellence

MAVA Partners delivers tangible AWS solutions through our team of certified experts, ensuring cost savings, scalability, and enhanced security for our clients. Partner with us to access passionate AWS professionals committed to your cloud success.

Our AWS Expertise

  • AWS Migration Consultation
  • AWS Application Integration
  • AWS Automation
  • Server Monitoring and Management
  • AWS-Based Database Administration
  • Workflow Orchestration
  • Performance Optimization
  • Greenfield and Brownfield Deployment
  • Disaster Recovery Management

Our SAP Consulting Services

Performance Enhancement

In a scenario where even slight loading delays lasting less than a second can lead to the loss of potential customers, it becomes imperative to have a robust infrastructure in place to mitigate scalability issues. Our solution involves implementing AWS Auto Scaling, a dynamic resource allocation system, which automatically adds additional computing and storage resources during periods of high demand and efficiently scales them down when traffic subsides. Furthermore, we configure Elastic Load Balancing to autonomously distribute incoming traffic, while leveraging CloudFront, Amazon’s content delivery network, to serve content with minimal latency.

Data Processing

Processing real-time data has become increasingly crucial due to the proliferation of IoT (Internet of Things) applications. Amazon Kinesis Firehose offers a solution for continuously ingesting streaming data from sensors, log files, or digital media into cloud storage. This data can then be stored in diverse options, including relational and NoSQL databases like Aurora, Redshift, or DynamoDB. Leveraging Kinesis Data Analytics, businesses can analyze this streaming data in real-time to gain actionable insights.

Blockchain Applications

With AWS blockchain templates, we can effortlessly create, assess, and launch secure blockchain applications. Amazon handles the laborious process of setting up the blockchain network for us, allowing us to execute smart contracts for various applicable scenarios, such as finance, insurance, healthcare, and more, all while utilizing programming languages like Solidity.

Deep Learning Systems

Deep learning techniques are at the core of recommendation engines, computer vision, voice recognition, predictive modeling, video analysis, and text extraction. We can address your data mining complexities by building, training, and deploying these solutions, whether through tailored methods for constructing neural networks or the use of pre-existing machine learning models.

AI Chatbots

While conversational bots represent a contemporary approach to digital customer service, achieving natural language processing demands advanced algorithms and substantial computing resources. Amazon Lex simplifies the process of constructing, evaluating, and implementing voice or text chatbots. Our team possesses the capability to design and incorporate the chatbot into your preferred platform, enabling you to craft exceptional customer interactions.

Data Storage & Recovery

Allow us to align your crucial business data with cloud solutions such as Amazon S3, Glacier, or Elastic Block Store to protect it from inadvertent loss! Our experts can deploy the conventional method of regularly creating backups for your system or opt for a ‘pilot light’ strategy, in which a scaled-down version of your environment operates as a readily available backup, or even adopt a multi-site model featuring duplicated environments that facilitate automatic failover. These options can also be combined to enhance your data protection strategy.

Product Development

By employing AWS and adopting DevOps methodologies, we can expedite the development of your products and applications. Our team will establish a continuous delivery pipeline while streamlining provisioning and deployment processes, facilitating swift product releases. Furthermore, you can benefit from an unchanging infrastructure without any periods of downtime.

Infrastructure Solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the possibility of implementing adaptable and secure solutions, particularly suited for the requirements of online retail operations. Our experts can configure your infrastructure to expand or contract in response to fluctuations in website traffic. By utilizing features like Auto Scaling, CloudFront, and other AWS services, your system will maintain its stability even when faced with sudden surges in traffic.

Serverless Solutions

Harness the power of AWS Lambda to craft immersive, tailored experiences. Our team’s ability to craft code that responds to stimuli from various AWS services or API requests using the AWS Serverless Application Model empowers you. By amalgamating Lambda with other AWS offerings, our experts can engineer robust web applications, IoT backends, or systems for real-time data processing.

Cloud Security

Ensuring the security of infrastructure and data beyond local premises is a significant consideration. Our team assists our clients in harnessing AWS cloud security options to safeguard their cloud-based applications. Security can be achieved through a variety of AWS service combinations, including EC2 Security Groups and EBS encryption.

Container Management

Within expansive and ever-changing landscapes, orchestration solutions simplify the task of overseeing container lifecycles and adapting their placements in reaction to auto-scaling triggers or deployment modifications. Our team is proficient in operating microservices applications, incorporating continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows through the utilization of either Elastic Container Service or Elastic Kubernetes Service.

Server Management

As the scale of distributed applications continues to grow, managing the allocation of all the necessary infrastructure resources can become a challenging task. MAVA Partners offers a solution by helping you convert your infrastructure into code and automating the provisioning of resources required for your application across various regions and multiple accounts.

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AWS Consultation

Our AWS consulting services begin with a thorough assessment of your current infrastructure and business objectives. We then provide recommendations and a roadmap to optimize your AWS usage, helping you achieve your goals efficiently.

AWS Migration

Migrating to AWS can be a complex process. MAVA Partners simplifies it by managing the migration of your applications, data, and workloads to AWS, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition.

AWS Optimization

We continuously monitor and optimize your AWS environment to ensure cost efficiency, performance, and security. This includes resource right-sizing, load balancing, and automated scaling.

AWS DevOps

We help you implement DevOps practices on AWS, automating processes, streamlining collaboration between development and operations teams, and accelerating software delivery.

AWS Application Development

Our team of experienced developers can build and deploy custom applications on AWS, utilizing the cloud's scalability and robust infrastructure to create high-performing solutions.

AWS Managed Services

MAVA Partners offers comprehensive AWS cloud consulting services, taking care of your AWS environment's day-to-day operations, security, and performance, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Benefits of Using MAVA Partners

Cost Efficiency

AWS provides cost-saving opportunities through its pay-as-you-go model, but optimizing costs within this model requires expertise. MAVA Partners helps you identify and eliminate inefficiencies, ensuring that you get the most value from your AWS investment.

Scalability and Flexibility

The cloud’s biggest advantage is scalability. MAVA Partners helps you leverage AWS’s scalability to grow your infrastructure seamlessly, ensuring your applications can handle increased demand without disruption.

Security and Compliance

Security is paramount in today’s digital landscape. MAVA Partners ensures your AWS environment is fortified with the latest security measures and is compliant with industry regulations, giving you peace of mind.


AWS offers a plethora of innovative tools and services. MAVA Partners helps you harness these capabilities to drive innovation within your organization, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

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