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Cyber Compass | Round Rock, TX

Cyber Compass is an innovator in the cyber security and cyber risk management space, helping businesses become more resilient by using a holistic approach that moves them from high risk to high performing.


Cyber Security


The firm worked with MAVA Partners to rewrite an existing web application and simplify it for their partners.

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Business Requirement

Cyber Compass’ suite of products includes Cyber Quick Check®, a marketing and lead generation tool that scores a lead’s level of cyber compliance and recommends products to help them reduce their risk. The product was designed to be co-branded and send fresh leads to Cyber Compass partners. After 4 years, the product needed major improvements, so Cyber Compass contracted MAVA Partners to augment their development resources and rewrite the software to new specifications.


Using the existing Cyber Quick Check® tool and new client specifications, MAVA Partners was able to create a better, more efficient survey tool for capturing leads that are built around co-branding for partners. The new product serves as a mini partner portal and has resulted in more leads and allowed Cyber Compass to expand its total number of partners. Cyber Compass continues to work with MAVA Partners to make improvements to the new product as needs arise.

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