We Tailor Tech

Bring your digital vision to life

Beautifully crafted software, data & digital media solutions

  • Selective & Relationship Focused
  • Development Led from Chicago, Sales & Back Ops from Austin
  • Majority of Growth via Client Referrals
  • Scale Up or Down as Needed
  • No Debt - Not Out for a Quick Buck
  • Honest Advice at an Affordable Price
  • Over 1300 IT & Digital Tradespeople

Scale. Value. Culture.

Solutions perfectly fitting your business

A simple proposition

Our proposition: fitted, affordable, culturally competent IT & digital services, finished and delivered by artisans, bring your digital vision to life.

Well-tailored partnerships

Via well-tailored global partnerships & internal hires, we quickly ramp up & down “right-sourced” talent. You become free to focus on what’s best for your business as we securely iterate. But unlike the big guys, we’re often quicker to code, more responsive, and don’t tend to create budget nightmares.

Mind the gaps

From Chicago, we gap between pain points, financials, work scope, artisan culture, & go-live. Our worker attrition rates are phenomenally low. We keep our mindset nimble to encourage entrepreneurs & startups. All the while, our stability and bench serve many large enterprises.

Bespoke Services

Software Engineers

Quality Assurance Specialists

Business Analysts

Database Architects & Engineers

Project Managers

Electronic Health Record


Web Development



Select Technologies:

PHP, PHP frameworks including Laravel, Qlik, React Native, Tableau, R, .Net, Cloud, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing … & Much More

Tech Stack Assessment

Resource Modeling

Business Plan Development

Deployment Evaluation

Database Architecture

Health Informatics & IT

Medical Illustration


Video Editing & Post Production

Managed or Self-Managed Resources

Projects and/or Virtual Employees

Build, Operate, Transfer

Staff Augmentation

Team Transition

Virtual CTO

Remote Office Development

Call Center


Scale. Value. Culture...Result. Let’s make you a tag!

Fit for Good

We believe that faith based groups, schools, service organizations, and not-for-profits make for a brighter future. With our help, these organizations turn IT needs into tailored assets that enhance their mission.

Mava people

Meet our Founders

Bipin Cyriac

Shiren Mathai

Zach Varghese

The beginning
First database and .NET deliverables deployed & maintained for large institutional clients. These remain some of our most satisfied customers.
A new consultancy
Expansion into university and government gigs. We move to an incubator at U of I in Champaign, IL and begin student mentorship initiatives.
MAVA scalability
MAVA Partners formally incorporated in Austin to provide fantastic scalability.
Doubled our internal staff
Doubled internal staff, which doubled again the following year & continues to rapidly expand.
Developed, deployed and supported
Developed, deployed, & supported a novel electronic health record system for a prominent new Texas medical school.
Rapid diversification
A start-up client is bought by a billion dollar corporation that retains our services. Rapid diversification into various industries including analytics, retail, animation, and learning management systems
happy clients and more capabilities
Phenomenal 25-33% y-o-y growth continues with happy clients & more capabilities. Exceptional mobile development and animation sector growth.
Selectively seeking
Selectively seeking partners worldwide to offer scale, value, and our low attrition, culturally atune method.

Select Clients

Between us and our partners, we’ve completed around 750 projects and counting. Big name, start-up, or not-for-profit, we love scaling bespoke solutions. Here’s a sampling of those whom we’ve had the privilege of outfitting: