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Agricultural customers require customized solutions and deserve developers that understand their unique needs. Our company has strong roots in the Midwest and got its start serving farmers.

Case: National Association
Customer Profile: A very large membership organization representing tens of thousands of farmers across the United Sates.

Business Requirements:

Total Solution:
MAVA Partners has 7 years’ experience developing scalable database, web, and mobile applications for this client. We advise on an IT strategy that matches need and budget to high return on investment.

When the client decided to create what is now a wildly successful contest for its nationwide membership, we developed everything software & database related, from data modeling to UI/UX to role-based access to generating reports. Everyone turned out to be a winner – especially our client.

Focus: Customized National Contest Form
The person with the most yield wins! Our client wanted to develop a system to register contestants, enter their results, verify entries on a rules basis, create an administrative system, and make everything mobile. They needed people who not only spoke HTML5, but also understood what trace elements were found in a particular fertilizer.

We created from scratch an artful solution that involves industry sales agents, individual farmers, and state level membership groups. Our algorithms allow for quick identification of problematic optimization and mobilization means rapid entry whether at home or out in the field.

Our client finds no need to directly employ internal developers for over 7 years.

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